Sistemi Informativi GeograficiGESP srl operates for over a decade in Geographic Information Systems and more generally, in the field of geo-spatial computer applications, developing custom projects for every need and every client.

GESP’s mission is that of creating specialized solutions aimed to the integration of geographic and spatial information in company information systems, at any scale and level of detail, contributing to the greater competitiveness of its clients.

GESP works especially on integration between GIS and other advanced technologies, such as GPS (Global Positioning System), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), and dedicated systems existing in some market areas: environment, utilities, transportation, modeling and so on.

Today, after ten years of uninterrupted growth, GESP is one of the largest private capital companies existing in Italy in the field of GIS.

Besides working for some of the most important Italian companies and numerous government agencies, GESP has been active for several years on the international market, acquiring assignments very significant and challenging from a professional point of view.

To further improve the efficiency of internal processes, during 2009 GESP launched a reorganization of its production lines. The operation was mainly designed to maintain high quality standards of excellence, ensuring in particular the growth of employees.